Red Wattle Hogs are currently a critically endangered heritage breed registered through the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.  They have a reputation for having lean, flavorful meat. They are mellow, easy to handle, and hardy enough to thrive in outdoor facilities.

We specialize in selling weaned feeder pigs and quality breeding stock. We do however raise pigs to market and will gladly raise one for you if you don't have the space or time.


Their hardy attributes allow the Red Wattles to handle, and enjoy, living outside on pasture without suffering leg or other injuries. This is especially important since our animals are raised outside. We want an animal that requires little in the form of extra maintenance.

- It is our experience that this breed, in general, is tame and easy to handle, especially when compared to some other breeds we have raised in the past.

- Sows have the ability to farrow and raise large litters of healthy vigorous piglets on her own until weaned; keeping in mind, of course, that we select for these traits in our stock.

- While we generally always expect some lay over, sows are very attentive to their young and move carefully about their piglets to avoid stepping on them or  laying on and crushing them. We have never lost a red wattle piglet to crushing after the first 2 days, unlike other breeds we have raised.

- They are comparable to reaching market weight alongside their commercial counterparts. 

- Their meat is of excellent quality.  Red Wattle Pork is, at the very least, far beyond what you would purchase at the store.  Past customers have told us that they will never go back to store bought, and that Red Wattle meat is the best they've ever had.  We would agree with that.


We keep extensive records so we can improve our own herd animals, and won't sell an animal for breeding stock that we wouldn't keep ourselves.  All of our breeding stock comes from good maternal sows and good boars.

Large Birth Weights:  Research shows that birth weight is a major contributing factor for a quality, fast growing animal.

Vigorous and Healthy Attitudes:  We want to see bright eyes, healthy hair coats and an active attitude.

Sound Feet:  Freely moving, athletic animals are a must, especially when it comes to boars and their performance.

Good Length and Well-Formed Underlines:  Important in both a boar and a gilt.  We want to see at least 12 well-formed teats on all breeding animals.

The Good Life!

A Red Wattle Boar